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Did you know that a properly crafted estate plan can make sure that your child doesn’t lose any of their inheritance as a result of…

  • their divorce
  • debts owed to creditors
  • Garnishments and levies from judgments
  • taxes owed to the IRS
  • filing bankruptcy
  • and many other financial risks?

An estate plan can do more than make sure your assets go to who you want them to after you’re gone.  A well-crafted estate plan can do so much more than that (Link to “What can a really good Estate plan do? Page).  However, most people (and their attorneys) don’t include this protection, or many other protections, in their estate planning.  Most attorneys only focus their clients’ estate planning on “Death Probate.”

Does Your Existing Estate Plan Include This Important Protection?
If this is important to you, then review your existing estate plan and see if it includes this important protection for your children.

What Should You Do If It Doesn’t?  Not What You Think!
We recommend that before you call us to make an appointment to talk about this, you attend one of our free and informational seminars to learn more.  At our seminar you will learn about many other issues that are rarely addressed in conventional estate planning.

What many of our clients find when they review their existing estate plan is that it doesn’t include this valuable protection.  But, that’s not the end of it.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.

What If You Don’t Have a Written Estate Plan?
Not having a written estate plan is the biggest estate planning mistake that people make.  Without a written plan, your family will be required to go to probate court in order to transfer your estate to them after you pass on.  While at first blush this doesn’t sound too bad, wait until you hear how much it will cost, how long it will take, and how much pain and suffering your family will go through during the entire process.  Plus, because you have left no instructions on what you want done, your family may wind up fighting

If you don’t have a written estate plan, when you pass on, your estate will need to go through probate (See here for more info on the horrors of probate after death).  Probate is the process your family must go through in order for you to pass on your estate to your heirs.


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